Globalization, technology and securitization are at the top of the list of forces re-shaping the ways that companies, markets and nation-states relate to one another. Traditional real estate capital sources will rush to fill the gap created by Wall Street's stalled money machine. We expect to see increased attention to supply/demand fundamental in the year ahead and pricing convergence between public market capital sources and the more traditional players, making for a broad and well-balanced real estate transaction market before year-end. 

The growth of the commercial real estate market, from office properties to multifamily housing, has been truly dramatic. In ways unheard of just a few years ago, transactions and projects across the complete spectrum of property types now move from negotiation to closing faster than ever. Market conditions continue to improve virtually everywhere and investors and developers have confidence that the upward swing has staying power. To those active in the market who have the resources to move quickly and decisively, this accelerated pace has given rise to new opportunities. CHARTER FINANCIAL has been working to provide the capital the industry needs during this intense period. 

We understand and respond to the fact that every client has a unique set of financial needs and circumstances. Above all, our strength lies in our ability to provide creative funding that are in our clients' best interests.

Investor Mortgage Financing 

Financing is available for acquisition, refinancing or cash out of mixed-use and multi-unit investment properties.

Construction Financing /end loans

Residential construction financing is available which automatically converts to an end loan. Save time and money with only one settlement.