Equipment Financing and Leasing

Commercial Equipment Financing

Charter specializes in financing and leasing equipment to entrepreneurial companies as well as larger firms. Our focus enables us to intelligently address the challenges you face in structuring and obtaining an optimal form of equipment financing - whether you’re a growing business or already established. Leasing is flexible. Companies have different needs, different cash flow patterns, different - sometimes irregular - streams of income. Leasing is cost effective, has tax advantages and helps conserve your operating capital. Leasing keeps your lines of credit open. You don’t tie up your cash in equity and avoid costly down payments. Leases can be structured to meet equipment and machinery needs for a wide variety of businesses. A few examples: broadcast• communication construction office furniture and computers• data processing restaurant and food service . printing and graphic arts all types of manufacturing trucking and transportation . material handling . medical electronic energy industrial machine tool• software trucks and transportation• waste removal.

SaIe-Leaseback Financing

We also have expertise in the sale-leaseback market and used equipment market. Because we understand the dynamics of these markets, we’re able to provide financing that is competitively tailored to their unique requirements.

High Technology Operating Leases

Leasing is practical. By leasing, you transfer the uncertainties and risks of equipment ownership to the lessor, which allows you to concentrate on using that equipment as a productive part of your business. When you lease, your risk of getting caught with obsolete equipment is lower because you can upgrade or add equipment to best meet your needs. Leasing allows you to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Vendor Lease Programs

A Vendor Lease Program is an essential part to any successful sales force. Charter is not restricted by equipment, size of transaction, or location. We welcome the opportunity to provide equipment lease financing for

all equipment acquisitions. We specialize in creating unique programs designed to suit the needs of each specific vendor.

Health Care Financing