The spaces in which Americans work, shop learn, pray and heal provide the focal point for many of the activities that constitute daily life. While the nationís success at fulfilling the basic need for shelter is refected in its housing stock, the safety, comfort, and utility that are invested in nonresidential buildings are as important those invested in homes. To a great degree, it is the nationís office buildings, factories, warehouses, farm buildings, shopping centers, retail stores, schools, and hospitals that enhance quality of life. Nonresidential buildings are valued at $4.2 trillion, which represents an investment of $15,800 for every U.S. citizen. Buildings with more than 100,000 square feet make up about 2 percent of all office buildings but almost 39 percent of all commercial office space. There were more than 42,000 shopping centers in the United States in 1997. In 1996, shopping centers accounted for 52 percent of all non-automotive retail sales.

Commercial Realty Financing

Through access to extensive capital sources, and a careful evaluation of the diversified financing alternatives available, we can meet the requirements of our clients with superior, flexible and innovative funding programs. We offer well-structured financing programs that allow you to reap the advantages of ownership at a predictable fixed rate.

Commercial Mortgage Financing
Financing is available on a first mortgage basis to established retail centers, office buildings, light industrial & distribution facilities and some special use facilities. We can provide financing to both Owner Occupied and Multi-Tenant properties. Our underwriting criteria include a proven track record of cash flow from the property, a large proportion of credit tenants with lease terms well beyond the loan term and both recourse and non-recourse options to the property owners.

Multi-Unit Apartment Financing
Extremely attractive long term multi-unit financing is available for Garden Apartments, Moderate Income and Senior Apartments

Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Sec. 42) Financing
Debt and Equity available for Low Income Housing Projects.

Strip Shopping Center Financing
Financing available for unanchored and anchored Strip Shopping Centers and Free Standing Retail locations.

Structured Financing Partnerships
We can construct a blended mix of institutional and private funds to meet the needs of your project.

Debt Reorganization Financing
Charter can analyze your debt structure and provide strategies regarding debt reorganization. We help maximize the value of your assets by turning real estate and other assets into capital. Whether you need funds for growth, restructuring, refinancing, acquisitions or buyouts, we'll work closely with you to develop a flexible and innovative financing solution structured to meet your needs today and tomorrow.